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Intro to 3 Gun

This is a 2 day introductory course where you will learn the basic concepts and fundamentals of the growing sport of 3 Gun. You will need a basic understanding of the fundamentals and manipulations necessary to shoot a rifle, pistol, and shotgun prior to taking the course.


  • Overview of 3 Gun competition
  • Safety and conduct
  • Rules and equipment (Divisions), range commands
  • Fundamentals of each weapon system (rifle, pistol, shotgun)
  • Movement techniques and stage layouts (walkthroughs)
  • Stage planning
  • Live fire drills with emphasis on economy of motion

Once you have completed the course you will leave with the necessary knowledge, fundamentals, and the tools necessary to train and to compete in the sport of 3 Gun. This 2 day course will test your abilities as a shooter and teach you how to build on the skills necessary to compete at a higher level through proper training and self-evaluation.

Training is only open to legal, US Citizens or permanent residents (green card holders) per ITAR (22 CFR §§120-130

Required gear

Reloaded ammunition and steel core ammunition IS NOT authorized for use on any MARKSMAN LLC ranges

  • Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun (pump or semi)
  • Quality Kydex (excluding SERPA) or leather holster that stays open for re-holstering. Soft holsters are not allowed in class
  • 2 ea. Magazine pouches for rifle and pistol
  • Shotgun Shell Caddies
  • 3 ea. 30rd magazines for rifle
  • 3 ea. Pistol magazines
  • 400rd Rifle
  • 400rd Pistol
  • 250rd Shotgun Birdshot
  • 20rd Slug
  • 10rd Buckshot
  • ANSI Z87.1 rated Eye Pro and Hearing protection
  • Headgear (ballcap/boonie)
  • Bug Spray
  • Sunscreen
  • Rain gear


Ammunition and magazine requirements are the minimum. If you feel the urge to bring more ofeach, that’s your prerogative.