Darren S. Brickle

Darren S. Brickle, Director of Operations, is a 15 year resident of Crossville, TN.  Darren is a retired Federal Law Enforcement Officer and Army Special Operations Force Veteran. He has a very solid reputation throughout Federal, State, and Local Law Enforcement. Mr Brickle continues to maintain a very active role in the U.S. Army Special Forces community of where he served as a U.S. Army Airborne and Ranger Qualified Intelligence Analyst while serving in 3rd Bn, 1st SFG(A) as well as Assistant Operations Sergeant in A Co. 1st Bn 19th SFG(A). He successfully lobbied the leadership of the Department of Energy/National Nuclear Security Administration (DOE/NNSA), for new weapons platforms and equipment totaling over $2 million dollars. As a Senior Federal Agent Mr Brickle assisted in the creation of the Special Weapons Unit of the DOE/NNSA, a Para-Military organization tasked with protecting the nation’s Nuclear Weapons and Materials. Darren was part of a select team of Federal Agents that developed the Long-Range Shooting program, incorporating advanced technologies using modern day platforms and capabilities.  This training program fulfilled the requirement of the Mission Needs Statements developed to bring the new capabilities in line with current Lessons Learned and Tactics, Techniques & Procedures (TTPs) for the NNSA.  Mr Brickle was a Senior Federal Firearms Instructor in the organizations Area of Operations Eastern Command. Darren played a pivotal role in bringing NNSA Tier 1 Gold, Federal Law Enforcement capabilities, and U.S. Military (DOD) Tier 1 Green and Blue capabilities together to compete against each other, sharing Lessons Learned and TTP’s during the annual United States Army Special Operations Command Sniper Competition held at Fort Bragg NC. He has the drive, vision, background and experience, along with a solid reputation in the Firearms Tactics and Training Industry to ensure that our clients receive safe, relevant and proven training.  Safety is paramount, and knowledge is the key to safety.  Our Staff are some of the best in the industry.  No matter your age or skill level, MARKSMAN LLC GUARANTEES you’ll learn to safely and competently manage your firearm, maintain proficiency, challenge your ability, and be a responsible gun owner.


2018: State of Tennessee Certified PPS Armed/Unarmed Security Guard Instructor

2016: State of Tennessee Certified Handgun Carry Instructor
2016: State of Tennessee P.O.S.T. Certified Private Firearms Instructor
2013: Precision Rifle / Forward Observer Instructor Course (NTC) / 80hrs
2013: Precision Rifle / Forward Observer Training (NTC) / 80hrs
2013: Graduate Smith & Wesson M&P Armorer Course / 16hrs
2013: Graduate Combat Pistol and Rifle Course Mid-South Institute / 50hrs
2012: Graduate Live Fire Shoothouse Instructor Course (NTC) / 80hrs
2011: U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit Close Quarters Marksmanship Course / 50hrs
2010: Graduate Knights Armament SR25/M110/MK11 Armorer Course / 40hrs
2009: Telluric Group Night Vision Operators Course / 16hrs
2009: Graduate Armorer Certification Course NTC / 120hrs
2009: Graduate FNH USA M-240, M-249, MK46/48 Heavy Machine Gun Armorer / 40hrs
2009: State of Arizona P.O.S.T Certified Sniper Level 1
2009: State of Arizona P.O.S.T. Certified Counter Sniper Level 2
2009: State of Arizona P.O.S.T. Certified Advanced Sniper Level 3
2008: Graduate SR-25 Instructor Development Course / 40hr
2008: Graduate SR-25 Tactical Operator Course GPS Defense / 70hrs
2008: Graduate GPS Defense Basic Sniper, Advanced Sniper, Counter Sniper Courses
2008: Graduate Mid-Atlantic Basic Surveillance Detection Course / 40hr
2008: Graduate GPS Defense Sniper Instructor Course / 80hrs
2007: Direct Action Resource Center DARC Live Tissue Training / 16hrs
2007: Graduate Advanced Carbine and Handgun Course Mid-South Institute
2007: Graduate Tactical Rifle Course Massad Ayoob / 8hr
2007: Graduate High Performance Pistol and Tactics Bank Miller / 24hrs
2007: Graduate Combat Pistol and Rifle Course Mid-South Institute / 50hrs
2006: Graduate Firearms Instructor Course / 80hr
2006: Graduate Advanced Weapons System Instructor Course / 40hrs
2006: Graduate Advanced Covert Concealed Carry Instructor Course / DEA 24hrs
2006: Graduate Strategies of Low Light Engagement Instructor Course / 50hrs
2005: Graduate Surveillance/Surveillance Detection Course (Blackwater TC) 50hrs
2005: Graduate SIMRAD Night Rifle course / 16hr
2005: Graduate Combat Pistol and Rifle Course Mid-South Institute / 50hrs
2005: Graduate FBI Urban Sniper Course / 40hrs
2005: Graduate Rifles Only SR-25 Course / 50hrs
2005: Improvised Explosive Device Course @ CIA Harvey Point / 40hrs
2005: Graduate Federal Law Enforcement Training Center / FLETC /
2004: Washington State Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor (WSLEFIA)
2004: Annual: CPR/First Responder/Gunshot Trauma
2004: Graduate Agent Candidate Training Nuclear Materials Courier

Pamela L. Brickle

Pamela is so much more than part owner of Marksman LLC. She is the General Manager of day-to-day operations. Pam has worked for over 20 years as a business executive in management and sales. A Regional Training Manager with CPI Corp., responsible for training sales associates in 7 states in sales and customer service. General Manager/Sales Manager for Staples and Assistant Store Manager for Lowe’s. Primarily accountable for all store operations, sales, payroll, HR, customer service, coach, and mentor. Pamela has also been an avid firearms enthusiast for many years. From competitive shooting to Certified Firearms Instructor, Pamela is uniquely qualified to manage the daily operations at

Marksman LLC. Her qualifications include:

  • TN State Certified Handgun Instructor
  • NRA Certified Handgun Instructor
  • NRA Chief Range Safety Officer
  • NRA Range Safety Officer
  • NRA Woman on Target Instructor
  • Marksman LLC Private Handgun Instructor

Pamela understands in the firearms instructor arena, there are few women instructors. She makes it a point to reach out to woman who might otherwise be intimidated to attend firearms training because they tend to be in the minority amongst men. Her presence alone here at Marksman LLC, has consistently increased the number of women we see attending training, and increased the number of woman memberships at the range.

Anthony Rusterucci

Lead Law Enforcement Instructor

Tony started his career in 1989, as a Correction Officer and later as a Sheriff’s Officer and CERT Team member with a major sheriff’s department in New Jersey

He transferred to a municipal Law enforcement agency in 1994, as a Police Officer in the Operations Division. He was assigned as an O.I.C. and F.T.O. on his platoon.

Tony was a SWAT Team Leader, Armorer and a Supervising Firearms Instructor for his agency.  He was one of the primary instructors for his agencies in service training program and was a Police Training Commision Academy instructor for Patrol Concepts, Less Lethal and Firearms Training in various platforms.  He was a member of the National Tactical Officers Association and was a charter member/instructor of the Camden County S.W.A.T school.  Tony has trained and worked with local, county, state and federal agencies in joint trainings and operations.
Tony has frontline experience in coordinating and supervising various tactical operations, such as: high risk warrants,  hostage rescue, barricaded subjects, dignitary protection,  major event security, threat assessments and planning for educational facilities, places of worship, hospitals and medical facilities, shopping malls and other places of business.

Tony retired from active law enforcement in late 2015 with numerous awards and honors.  He was assigned to the Highway Unit where he served as a fatal crash investigator, traffic control coordinator trainer, municipal construction engineering police liaison,  Radar and LIDAR instructor, Alcotest Coordinator and vehicle fleet services.

After retirement to present, Tony has worked for several public and private ranges and continued to train law enforcement and civilians in numerous firearms platforms, sales and repairs of firearms.

Retired Law Enforcement
NJ LEO :  April 1989- Nov 2015
Sheriff’s SERT:  1991-1994
Municipal Agency SWAT:  1994-2015
SWAT Team Leader: 1994-2015
Firearms Training Unit : 1998 – 2015
Departmental Armorer:  2001-2015
NJ State Certified Firearms Instructor : 1998-Present
NJ State LEOSA Instructor: 2004-Present
Firearms Training, Repairs and Sales in Private Sector: 2015- Present

Related Instructor Certifications: Handgun, Tactical Handgun, Shotgun, Tactical Shotgun, Patrol Rifle, Sub Machinegun, Assault Rifle, Advanced Rifle, Point Shooting I, FN 303 Less Lethal, Pepperball Launcher, Def-Tec/Safariland Less Lethal, Impact Munitions, Chemical Munitions,  OC Aerosol, Distraction Device,  FBI-Chemical Agents,  MSA SCBA,  FATS Simulator, , AIS PRISim, Ballistic Shield,  Vehicle Assault,  Tubular Vehicle Assault,  SWAT I Instructor, SWAT II Instructor,  Active Shooter, Threat Assessment and Response,  FEMA IRTB, FEMA Special Events Contingency Planning, FEMA CBRNE,  Karbon Arms ECW, Axon/Taser CEW,   NJ Police Training Commission,  NJ Use of Force, Patrol Concepts and Departmental FTO.

Mike South

Mike is a Combat Veteran of the first Gulf War where he served as an 0311 Infantryman in the United States Marine Corps. He entered service in 1987 and served several overseas deployments to Guam, Philippines and Liberia. Mike went into law enforcement in the state of New Hampshire after his enlistment. He got his start with the County Dept. of Corrections. From there he moved onto the University of New Hampshire Police Department and later he hired on as a Deputy Sheriff in the county he was born in. While serving as a Deputy Sheriff he also worked part time as a Patrol Sergeant with a neighboring town and was an adjunct instructor at the Police academy. He earned instructor certifications in Use of Force, OC, ASP, Handcuffing, Patrol Tactics, Pistol, Rifle, Revolver and Shotgun, Officer Survival and Constitutional law. Mike assisted local departments with firearms training and updating old policies to current standard.

Mike then entered Federal Law Enforcement where he became a Federal Agent with the Department of Energy/National Nuclear Security Administration(DOE/NNSA). Federal Agents with the DOE/NNSA are considered the best of the best and are a Tier 1 Gold Capability. Selection and training are both physically and mentally demanding as well as ongoing. Mike served as a Federal Agent with DOE/NNSA for 7 years, 5 years of which he served as a Federal Agent with the Special Response Force (SRF). SFR is a full time tactical unit tasked to the recovery of any special items directed by the Secretary of Energy or President of the United States. Training includes but is not limited to Close Quarter Battle, Assaulter, Explosive Breaching, Shotgun Breaching, Designated Marksman, Urban and Rural Tactics, Advanced Driving Tactics and Vehicle Assaults, Surveillance and Counter- Surveillance.

For the last 7 years Mike has been employed as a Federal Agent with Dept. of Homeland Security. Mike is also an adjunct instructor with SIG SAUER Training Academy in Epping NH. Mike teaches several disciplines to include Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Shooting While Moving, Low Light Engagement, and many other classes.

Mike comes to MARKSMAN LLC with over 26 years of combined Military, Local and Federal Law Enforcement experience, where he serves as a Lead Firearms and Tactics Instructor.

Michael A. O’Brien

Master Sergeant (Retired)
United States Army Special Operations Forces

Michael A. O’Brien is a 28-year combat veteran of the United States Army. As a Special Forces Non-commissioned Officer, Mike has amassed extensive experience in deliberate and crisis management planning, resourcing, managing and executing operations of vital strategic significance. His career encompasses over ten years on a Special Forces Operational Detachment–Alpha (A-Team), serving as the team engineer, assistant operations/intelligence Sergeant, and team sergeant; three-years as the Special Forces engineer of a Civil Affairs Team – Alpha (CAT-A); and over three years’ experience as company operations sergeant, managing the operational, logistical, and training requirements of units of more than 150 personnel. Mike culminated his prestigious career within the Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff Directorate J7 (Joint Force Development) as the Special Operations Force specialist and senior enlisted advisor to the Director, Joint Center for International Security Force Assistance. Mike has mastered the art of and developed strategies and processes for managing personnel throughout the full-spectrum of overt and highly sensitive programs by providing a balance of innate leadership and guidance with decentralized oversight of program personnel. Mike’s strong cross-cultural and managerial communication skills enable him in understanding and coordinating activities involving multi-cultural and functional nuances with contracted personnel, organizations, government officials, the civilian populace, as well as non-government and international organizations. Mike has earned a Master of Arts in Strategic Security Studies from the National Defense University. He has also earned the Project Master certification from the Institute of Project Management. These military and civilian educational venues, integrated with his vast military operational experience, has assisted Mike in conducting projects of U.S. strategic significance independently, and in a team inspired structural process with indigenous personnel, in tactical units, with combined joint elements, the General staff, joint staff, and with U.S. Embassy country teams.

Mike brings his attributes to our organization as the Director of Project Management/Security Consultant.

Jeremy Young

Jeremy is an 11 year veteran of the United States Marine Corps. After his first enlistment Jeremy went to Precision Weapons School (Marine Corps gunsmith course) where he built competition pistols and rifles, M40A3 and A4 sniper rifles and the M14 Designated Marksman Rifle. While serving in Security Forces Battalion Jeremy completed Coaches Course, graduating as High pistol and Honor graduate teaching Marines Fundamentals of Marksmanship. He then continued his instructor certifications as a Primary Marksmanship Instructor where he again graduated as Honor Graduate, teaching courses for other Marines to be Instructors for their respective companies. Jeremy was also a Designated Marksman Instructor for Security Forces for 3 years, teaching them marksmanship skills and tactics necessary to defend a submarine base. While stationed in Security Forces, he started competition shooting. During the 3 years of shooting competition, Jeremy earned a Silver Medal, 2 Bronze Medals in pistol and a Silver Medal in rifle.

After the Marines, Jeremy went on to be a Federal Agent Nuclear Materials Courier with the Department of Energy/National Nuclear Security Administration (DOE/NNSA). He graduated as Honor Graduate in 2008. Federal Agents with the DOE/NNSA are regarded as some of the best trained personnel in Firearms, Tactics and Security. Selection and training are both physically and mentally demanding and remain ongoing. Jeremy is currently serving as a Federal Agent with DOE/NNSA for the past 10 years. He is Special Response Force(SRF) qualified, tasked to the recover special items directed by the President of the United States and Secretary of Energy. SRF training includes Close Quarter Battle, Assaulter, Explosive Breaching, Shotgun Breaching, Designated Marksman, Urban and Rural Tactics, Advanced Driving Tactics and Vehicle Assaults, Surveillance and Counter- Surveillance. Jeremy has attended and completed Numerous shooting and instructor level courses so that he can train other Federal Agents, so they can maintain a high level of marksmanship and tactics.

Jeremy has been competing in 3 Gun on a National level for 3 years reaching Pro Level in 2017. He consistently finishes in the top 20% of National Ranked Shooters each year. Jeremy is skilled in rifle, pistol and shotgun manipulation for competition. Jeremy’s knowledge from the Marine Corps and shooting competition has given him the knowledge and skills needed to teach Shoot on The Move, Target to Target Transitions and Weapons Transitions for those looking to start as well as currently competition shooting. Jeremy brings over 20 years of professional experience to Marksman LLC.

John R Betts

John R Betts, Director of Marketing, is a one year resident of Crossville, TN.  John relocated from New York in 2016 and previously from California. John is a Navy Veteran having served his time of service in Vietnam from 1969 to 1974.  John earned his AA Degree from Chaffey Community College in Alta Loma, California.  John has a solid background in sales and marketing as well as employment and recruiting and as an independent agent in the insurance industry.  John is founder/owner of Betts Associates, a marketing/advertising company.  He also served as Publisher of Betts Riedinger Publishing LLC from 2001 thru 2008.  Previous to 2001 John worked for Straus Media Group, a chain of radio stations in the Hudson Valley in New York, as General Manager with responsibility for the direct mail service including marketing plans/budgeting and managed a sales staff of four radio marketing consultants.  Previous positions include work with local newspapers in a variety of management positions.  Prior to 1984, while in California, John was employed as Branch Manager and Area Sales Manager for Pacific Personnel Service in Newport Beach. He also was self/employed as a Life/Disability Insurance Agent.

John has always shown a commitment to assist businesses to grow, improve their customer service and build their awareness in the local market through business associations with the local Chambers of Commerce as well as local governments.

Jim Olson

James Olson recently retired as a lieutenant with 35 year of Law Enforcement experience from Florida and moved to Monterey, Tn. James spent most of his career with the Pt St Lucie Police department where for his last 15 years he was in charge of the Training division, and supervised 20+ instructors. While certified in various disciplines he specialized in areas of Use of Force, weapons, and tactics. James served on the SWAT Team for several years as the lead Sniper for his agency. James also competed in the Florida Law Enforcement Games where he took Gold medals in Tactical and Low Light Discretionary Pistol two years consecutively.  He also competed at high levels in the International defensive Pistol Association.  After retiring he was recruited to work for one of the largest University Police Agencies in south Florida where he served as the Commander for the Northern Campus. James simultaneously was the President of Alpha Omega Combatives LLC. His business taught armed and unarmed training to Civilian, Law Enforcement, Military and VIP professionals around the world. He has trained several Law Enforcement Agencies in the US as well as the Peruvian National Police Force. James’ training has also been certified by the State of Wyoming POST.
From the age of 15 James has studied 7 different martial arts and holds instructor credentials in 4 systems. He combined all of his experience in armed and unarmed training and developed the Olson Combat System and authored a book of the same title. He is passionate about passing on the skills he has been blessed with so that good people have the confidence, and ability to protect themselves and loved ones.


Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement Police Officer, Use of Force Instructor, IALEFI Master Instructor, Axon Taser Instructor, ASP Baton Instructor, American Safety and Health institute Level 5 BLS/ ALS Instructor, IKMF / KMG Krav Maga Instructor, Expert level 1, Combat Ground Fighting instructor, Keysi Fighting, Method InstructorTai Ho Jujitsu Instructor One on One Control tactics, OCS Master Instructor, Edged Weapons Instructo, Scoped Rifle Instructor, Glock Gunfighter Course instructor, Combat Handgun Instructor, Tactical Shotgun Instructor, Submachine gun Instructor, Strategies of low light Engagements instructor from Strategos International., TacMed Instructor from FLEETC and D-Dey Tactical, National Rifle Assoc. Instructor, Chief Range Safety Officer, Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun, Home protection Instructor

Armorer for:

Glock, Colt, Remington, Mossberg, Heckler and Koch, Sig Sauer