TN Enhanced Handgun Carry Permit Class

** If you do not have experience in the safe, and proper use of a handgun, we strongly encourage you to take Handgun Level-I or equivalent prior to taking this class**
 Carry Permit Instructions
Before the carry permit class:

The Tennessee Handgun Safety (Carry Permit) Class is offered the last Saturday of each month. Find the date you want to attend on the calendar and click. Now click on book appointment and follow the instruction.

Once you successfully are signed up for a class, go to the state’s website and apply for your Handgun Carry Permit at: .The state’s system will immediately issue you an application number (All digits no letters). Make sure you bring your application number with you to class. We need your application number to report your scores to the state. If you put your e-mail address on your application for you permit. The state’s system should e-mail your application number to you. After we report your scores, your application number becomes your certification number that you use to get your permit from the state (Don’t lose that number). Bring your application number, and come to class (please be on time).

If you have any problems booking a class, please call: (931) 260-4430

January 2022
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Day of the class:

All Handgun Carry Permit Classes start at 8:30am and end at 5:00pm. LEAVE ALL FIREARMS AND AMMO IN YOUR VEHICLE!! In the class we go over firearms safety.  Types of pistols, single action, double action, striker fire, revolver. We cover parts of a gun. How to clean and maintain a gun. The laws pertaining to carrying a gun and how to shoot a gun. At the end of the classroom portion of your class you will take a 50-question test. True / False and multiple-choice questions. You must score a 70% or better on the test to pass. We will break for lunch prior to the live fire qualification. You must score a 70% or better to pass your range test.


After successful completion of the carry permit class:

You will have up to 1 year from the date you pass your class to go to any drivers testing station anywhere in the state. Finish your application, pay the state fee. The state fee is $100 for a standard permit good for 8 years and renews for $50, or $300 for a lifetime permit.

carry permitYou must take with you: Proof of citizenship such as a certified copy of your Birth Certificate, a US Passport or a Green Card and your Tennessee Driver License or a State Issued ID.  (If you have an out of state driver license you can take the class with it but will have to change to at Tennessee Driver License when you finish your Handgun Permit Application) Once you pay the state fee they will give you a handout telling you how to get your fingerprints made.

(Even if you just had your fingerprints done yesterday, you get to do it again.) Your fingerprint fee is included in the state fee. After you get your fingerprints made it’s all merged together sent to the FBI, TBI and the County Sheriff. If everything comes back good you, the state says you will receive your permit in the mail within 90 days. We find that most students will receive their permit between 10 days to 3 weeks.