Basic Handgun • Level I

** Recommended prior to considering the Tennessee Handgun Permit Class

Owning any firearm is a huge responsibility. As a gun owner you need to above all else, be able to safely, and competently manage your handgun.   You owe it to yourself, and especially to those around you. Whether you are on the range conducting training or taking your handgun out to clean once training is over.  Never take safety for granted.  Learn from professionals who will show you the safe and correct way to do just that.  At Marksman you will start off on the right path as a new gun owner, and you will leave training with an eagerness to learn more. We strongly encourage you to do so. Like our motto says, “Every Day is Training Day”

In this 16hr (two 8hr day) Introductory Class you will learn how to safely handle, and accurately fire a handgun from our certified instructors.

is in the classroom and on the firing range where you will learn about:

  • Firearms Safety
  • Types of Handguns and how they operate
  • Ammunition and how it works
  • Fundamentals of Marksmanship
  • Range Practical Application
  • Care and maintenance
  • Review
If you have any problems booking a class, please call: (931) 260-4430

January 2022
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You will leave training with confidence in yourself, and the solid foundation you need, so you can continue to advance your knowledge and abilities as a responsible gun owner. Our 2 day class is guaranteed to have you getting past the fear of “Felt Recoil” while shooting, and accurately hitting the target before you leave. All while in a safe, fun and relaxed environment.

Upon completion of the training you will receive a MARKSMAN LLC Course Certificate of Training

Guarantee: No matter your age, ability, or prior experience. Our class will help you overcome your fear of handguns. Before our 2 days are up, you will be shooting with confidence.  If by the end of class, you feel we have failed to keep this promise, just say so in class and we will refund your money on the spot! That’s our promise to you!