At Marksman LLC, Open Range Days are days set aside each month for use by the General Public and Marksman LLC Alumni.  Participants will be required to pay a Usage Fee of $30 for 2hrs on the range. Open Range Days include most Federal Holidays, and days set aside by Marksman LLC that do not conflict with previously scheduled training.  All Live-Fire Ranges will have a Range Safety Officer (RSO) in charge of the range. The RSO’s primary responsibility is to insure safety on our Live-Fire Ranges. RSO’s will answer general questions, and may assist the shooter at the shooters request.  If In-depth instruction by any RSO is requested, One on One Personal Instruction rates will apply.  All participants are required to follow all Marksman LLC Disclaimer Policies, and Safety Rules.  Participants will be given a Range Safety Briefing by the RSO, and will be required too read, and sign a Liability Waiver prior to use of the range.

February 2022
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