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Defensive Handgun • Level III

PREREQUISITE:  Prior to signing up for this course students MUST HAVE completed our Intermediate Handgun Level II or equivalent training. Copy of training course must be provided on day of training. NO EXCEPTIONS!

This intensive 5 Day 40hr Level III Defensive Handgun Course is designed to bring your training to the next level. The world of defensive shooting. Our Instructors will cover situational awareness, and survival mindset, as well as threat identification. With consideration to safety above all. We combine realistic, and proven shooting drills while placing the shooter under time constraints and stress fire conditions.

Instruction is in the classroom, and on the firing range where you will:

  • Reinforce all basic skills previously learned while introducing new skills needed for defense with a handgun in a deadly force encounter
  • Conduct decision making drills
  • Understanding of a Survival Mindset
  • Tactical Communication
  • Search and Scan
  • Identify the threat
  • Reloading techniques
  • Malfunction clearance procedures
  • One Handed Shooting techniques
  • Moving while shooting
  • Review


Upon completion of this course the student should be able to:

  • Refine Shooting Fundamentals
  • Understand basic Tactical Communications
  • Utilize the concepts of Search and Scan
  • Identify Threats
  • Understand Reloading Techniques
  • Perform Malfunction Clearance Procedures
  • One Handed Shooting Techniques
  • Conduct Moving while Shooting

You will leave training with confidence in yourself, and the Defensive Shooting Techniques, and mindset you need, should you find yourself in a Deadly Force encounter. Remember as a responsible gun owner, Every Day is Training Day.

Upon completion of the training you will receive a MARKSMAN LLC Course Certificate of Training.

Guarantee:  Before our 5 days are up, you will be shooting with confidence.  If by the end of class, you feel we have failed to keep this promise, just say so in class, and we will refund you your money on the spot! That’s our promise to you!